Hi, I'm Elizaveta Kuznetsova, a senior researcher specialising in political communication. My empirical focus is social media and propaganda in the Digital Age. I lead a research group ‘Platform Algorithms and Digital Propaganda’ at Weizenbaum Institute in Berlin.

  1. Duplicate this template to your Notion workspace
  2. Create a site using Super, using your newly created page as the Notion URL.
  3. Set up your fonts and add the code to your Super settings:
  4. Fonts

    The fonts used in the template are: PS Fournier: Light Reason New: Regular and Medium You’ll need to add these fonts to a new web project in your Adobe Typekit account and paste the Unique ID into the code below.

    If you don’t have a Typekit account you can rely on the chosen Google Webfonts as a fallback instead. They’re a pretty good match, here’s the difference:

    Using your own font choices

    If you want to change the fonts you’ll need to add custom overrides in the CSS editor. You can see the original CSS at the following link: https://iamsamsmall.github.io/cy/style.css

    Code for Beta (new) Super Editor

    1. Go to Options > Global Site Injection > Edit Code 2. Paste the following code into HTML (Head)

    3. Paste the following code into HTML (Body)

    Code for original Super editor (Now old please ignore)

    Paste the code below into the Snippet Injection field in your Super settings.

4. Make sure you’ve done these things before you go live

Go live checklist
Change all links in the footer database
Check the favicon, update if necessary in the snippet code
Amend the meta description in the snippet code
Update the share image in the snippet code
Check that the Show or hide page properties option in Super settings is set to ‘Show’
Check that all navigation labels and links are correct and that they point to the right pages. Note, they do not automatically update when you amend page names or add new pages.
Add pretty links for your pages, projects, and articles into Super’s pretty URL settings. By default you’ll need to use projects/ and writing/, you can amend these if you want but you’ll need to add CSS overrides.
Example of pretty links and url structure


Projects database

Selected writing & media appearances

Hide your pages in this toggle menu, only you will see it