Platform Algorithms and Digital Propagand

Platform Algorithms and Digital Propagand

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Platform Algorithms & Digital Propaganda
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We investigate the relationship between algorithmic systems of social media and search engines and all forms of propaganda content, including its positive manifestations, like vaccination promotion.

The challenge

The group investigates the ‘information ecosystem’ on search engines and social media platforms to understand how algorithmic systems are designed and how the audience perceives them. It analyzes the organization of information filtering algorithms and their relationship with disruptive influence such as Russian online propaganda. Moreover, it studies how platforms reconcile market-driven algorithmic organization with their role as de-facto gatekeepers of information and the social responsibility this entails.



Existing approaches either focus on disinformation campaigns, cases of the so-called ‘fake news’ or study means of dissemination of disruptive content via bots or trolls. Much less in focus is the method of interpreting and re-interpreting facts.